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Keto 6tm To reset the shave weight carbohydrate s the basis of proper drying can be considered as manipulation and correction of the carbohydrate component. Most of the energy our body receives due to the intake of fast and slow coals. Energy processes are regulated by glucose, under the influence of a variety of substances, energy splits, after which it is formed. An important role is played by the transport hormone - insulin, through which glucose is absorbed. When the body receives carbohydrates, it contributes to the accumulation of glucose. Excess is formed as glycogen. When the volume of glycogen is not regulated, an excess of glucose appears in the body, which turns into fat and is adjusted to the fat depots. That is, the resulting energy is not consumed; it is much more than the body needs. How to dry girls for weight loss There is also a reverse process, when energy is low and the body maintains an active image, the body is adapted in such a way that it begins to draw energy from the reserves of this glycogen. When stocks run out, glucose begins to be made on the basis of fat cells. That is, the source of energy in this case should be fat, which we should have achieved. In science, this complex biochemical process is called biolysis - the breakdown of fats. How to dry girls for weight loss - to start the mechanism of biolysis. Calculate how much fat you need to lose Example: Marsha ate a full year for food and did not pay enough attention to her body. At night, a terraced fridge, choosing from there the most delicious foods. With the arrival of spring, she stood in front of the mirror and made sure that she didn’t like herself, and wants to lose weight. The percentage of subcutaneous fat in Marsha is not that disastrous - 20%. Girls have something to dry. With parameters of 1 m and 75 cm, it weighs 60 kg. 20% of the total weight is 12 kg in order to achieve 10% and good relief to Mash you need to lose the amount of body fat to 6 kg and weigh 54 kg, given that the pure muscle mass will be 48 kg.

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